About 4DStory

​4DStory is a new form of entertainment with built-in monetization strategies.  It's not a movie, it's not a book but rather it's a story that unfolds over time utilizing multiple types of media; broadcast across social media so fans can connect on as many platforms as they like, each one providing a new level of perspective while staying congruent with the running plot.  The result is that it bonds fans to a brand, service, product, person or agenda through story... now that's powerful!

​Using our proprietary process of Story Integrated Marketing® we integrate a client's marketing message into the characters profile, subsequently influencing and bonding the story's fans at influential levels.   

What makes 4DStory attractive to the fans?  The stories themselves are engineered to be flexible as well as compelling.  They are derived from real human experiences and the input of a wide range of people.  They represent the values of a company, their brand and their beliefs while allowing the fans to intake them across the range of their normal daily lives.  

Using retargeting and other strategies, we are able to leverage established Internet Marketing ​procedures to influence, monetize and make each scene viral, as well as invite others to participate in our story through a sponsorship model.

Our production partner, Key Difference Media, ​ operates an ISO9001 compliant  content creation and repurposing platform where they are able to produce the story content, analyze it and tweak it to maximum efficiency.  Around the engagement of fans and followers, the characters can not only be interactive with the public but they can come to life in social media and act as brand ambassadors, sales reps and more.  

There really is no limit to how a 4DStory can be produced, monetized and networked.   For more information and a deeper dive into the foundations of 4DStory, download our white paper: bit.ly/KDM-4DStory or contact us for a consultation at: Connect.4DStory.com.

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