We Integrate Your Brand
Into A Fictional Story
And Broadcast It
Across The Web

To Attract Prospects,
Emotionally Engage Them,
And Convert Them Into Raving Fans

A 4DStory is an emotional experience that shows us new worlds,
and provides fascinating insights into the world we live in
while it pushes, pulls, tugs and connects with our most visceral instincts.

Story Integrated Marketing®... Content Marketing That Performs

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You want your content to stand out on the web
...and your not alone.  But coming up with new and fresh content ideas all the time can be quite difficult, which is why Major Corporations like Intel and Marriott have been producing short films for several years now, to attract and mold fans to their brand through entertainment.  But not everyone has the multi-million dollar budget necessary to accomplish this.

So what if you had the storytelling monetization power of a Hollywood studio, for a fraction of the cost?  

You could then produce your own entertaining story across social media and attract millions of fans around your brand while amplifying new and existing revenue streams. 

And what if, utilizing a Story Brand format of messaging, your 4DStory was intentionally designed to connect with fans  on a superconscious, emotional level, within a desired demographic?  Well, then you would have some More Powerful than a movie to market your business to the global economy.  


4DStory utilizes a proprietary technology called:
Story Integrated Marketing®
to align your brand within a fictional story
to attract prospects and customers
at the highest levels of emotional awareness, 
by integrating your marketing message into the 
characters, theme, setting, and plot.


The characters in a 4DStory are represented in social media by their own digital footprint and their own "Architect."  An architect is a real person who interacts with fans on social media as the character, embellishing the storyline and deepening fan engagement, while leveraging their character's celebrity status to promote your products and services.


Because a 4DStory is entertainment, it can be generate revenue just like a Hollywood movie does.  Not only can you use it to drive traffic and increase brand awareness, but you can merchandise the popularity of it through the sale of branded merchandise, scene sponsorships, product licensing and more.  


Staffed by 350 Digital Creators, Translators, Audio/ Video Specialists, Writers & Editors around a systematized process currently in certification for ISO9001 & ISO27000 we can Produce, Syndicate and Monetize a 4DStory around your brand & its themes.  

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility often requires a separate marketing campaign, but with a 4DStory you can dynamically align with your cause.  This allows you to involve individuals from the nonprofit, perpetuate donations and leverage good will for both entities.  

Consider the impact difference between a leading edge 4DStory campaign that entertains and fascinates prospects over the traditional concept of churning out the same repetitive message over and over again.  

Produce a 4DStory

Creating your own 4DStory can be fun and rewarding. By packaging your theme into the 8 characters represent ingyour marketing message we are able to establish your core message firmly in your prospects heart and mind through a process we've created called: Story Integrated Marketing®.

Resell 4DStory

Resellers packaging and reselling a 4DStory are immediately set apart from every other reseller on the market because you literally become an entertainment studio as well... a 4D Studio. A 4DStory screams that you are not only on the leading edge of technology, but also of implementation and strategy.

Sponsor a 4DStory

Not every business is in the position of being able to fund and produce a full blown 4DStory but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage one. For a minimum monthly fee and a commission to the 4D Studio, you can be promoting your products and services through a popular 4DStory.

4DStory is a  completely new approach to the ultimate goal, connecting with one’s potential customers… a new strategic arrow for the marketer’s quiver.

Steven Hartov,

New York Times Best-Selling Author

4DStory is a new model designed to help us experience a greater understanding of our own inner workings as human beings and the world around us…

Steven Memel,

Celebrity Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

What Sets Us Apart

The industry of Content Marketing has grown so much, that content is becoming even more difficult to produce at the highest levels. 

By adding an entertainment layer between the prospect and your brand, we are able to integrate your message into an fun and interactive medium that never gets old, never runs dry and never repeats itself. We are not setting ourselves apart so much as we are defining the coming paradigm of content marketing on the web.

How We Compare

Entertainment Value
Increased Engagement
Revenue Potential
Integrated Influence

Our Latest Projects

From working with non-profits and magnifying their cause to promoting a custom furniture manufacturer as we demonstrate the effect of art in the lives of 4D characters, we are integrating themes and manifesting new ways to penetrate the hearts and minds of our customer’s prospects.

Follow our flagship 4DStory and its characters at: MobiusKey.com.

Benefits of Producing a 4DStory

  • Driving Traffic to a Sales Funnel
  • Develop New Business Relationships By Writing Prospects Into Your 4DStory
  • Merchandise the Characters and the story
  • Sell Sponsorships (Scenes)
  • Auction Product Placement
  • Use the characters to promote paid events
  • Never run out of Fresh Content again
  • Activate the Emotional Core of your fan base
  • Leverage Digital Marketing Strategies for Monetization

Our Services

We write your fictional story or adapt an existing one, integrate your marketing message, craft the scenes and characters, produce the content, syndicate the story to 65 social media channels, build and maintain a home page, 4D Character pages and complete digital profiles.

We can also provide an integrated Sales CRM, Email Autoresponder, and Affiliate Program to completely focus your brand around a 4DStory. 

Sales and Marketing departments have never had a more cohesive way to perform together.  

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4D Storytelling is in its infancy. Our clients today are enjoying the opportunity of being on the forefront of an exciting technology that is still unique in their industry.