Sponsor a 4DStory

Not every business is in the position of being able to fund and produce a full blown 4DStory but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage one.

For a minimum monthly fee and a commission to the 4D Studio, you can be promoting your products and services through a popular 4DStory.

Similar to how Hollywood monetizes product placement, a 4DStory offers the same opportunity except with substantially more potential.

Not only can your products be showcased but characters can be created and subplots written to allow your own theme to weave its way into an existing powerful 4DStory with millions of fans.

The more popular the 4DStory, the more impact it will have on promoting your product. Can you say mega-product launch?

From hard selling products and services to merely influencing prospects with your brand, core values or message; a sponsorship in a 4DStory could be the last marketing channel you ever need to invest in.

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4D Storytelling is in its infancy. Our clients today are enjoying the opportunity of being on the forefront of an exciting technology that is still unique in their industry.