Produce a 4D Story

Creating your own 4DStory can be fun and rewarding. By packaging your theme into our Kinetic Avatars (the 8 characters that represent your marketing message) we are able to establish your core message firmly in your prospects heart and mind through a process we've created called: Story Integrated Marketing®.

Each fictional character is then developed through a proprietary process that brings them to life in all 7 arenas of the human experience.

By assigning them these attributes, your characters are automatically engineered to connect with prospects at an conscious, emotional and spiritual level.

With your 4D characters possessing multi-dimensional personalities and strong metaphysical qualities, we then make them interesting, fascinating, exciting and appealing through multidimensional shaping.

Next, we craft your story around these characters in alignment with a 4D Vortex monetization model.

A 4DStory can not only be instrumental in driving traffic to the top of your sales funnels, but the networking and revenue stream potential is unlimited and our Vortex model ensures your story is kinetically producing every second of its 24/7 broadcast.

With your story firmly in place and your characters poised to interact with the world, we produce your scenes in digital media through traditional digital storytelling techniques.

Leveraging tools like Adobe Slate and Powerpoint, text, images, video, flash, gifs, ajax programming and more; we produce a individual scenes of every aspect of the story. Maintaining a plot in your blog on a regular basis, we then embellish that plot in social media with micro-scenes. Each scene is emotionally targeted so we know exactly the emotion to target as your prospects consume the content.

Content is static without dominating distribution which is why we then repurpose each micro-scene in multiple asset formats and distribute them across 65 different social networks, dripping through social media multiple times a day to unfold your 4DStory into the hearts and minds of your fan base as they consume the varied perspectives by which you are entertaining them through their social media feeds.

Finally content is measured and analyzed with Google Analytics, Sprout Social, Clicky and other such metric tools.

Want to take your 4DStory to another level? We also create digital footprints for your characters across the web which allows them to interact with your audience, engage them as characters and influence their buying decisions throughout the story.

A 4D Character develops a reputation, followers, accumulates their own Klout score and fan base to increase in value as they perform their roles, turning them into powerful offline influences as well.

Once a 4DStory is established in and for your business, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one. Discover the influence a 4DStory can have in your business today,

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4D Storytelling is in its infancy. Our clients today are enjoying the opportunity of being on the forefront of an exciting technology that is still unique in their industry.