4D Character Upload and Activation

At the heart of a 4DStory is the 4D Character and every single collaborator on the platform, whether your character is being cast into a 4DStory or not, must have a 4D Character.  It's a digital representation of whatever you want to project into a character, whether it be a product, service, highest vision of yourself, or your greatest fear.  It can be your hottest fantasy or your missed opportunity, it doesn't matter but I suggest your first and primary character be that of your highest vision for your own self and then add products and goals as minor characters later on.  

Our writers do not make up characters to write from, we either write around existing characters in our marketplace or we develop new ones specifically for the 4DStory they are being cast in.  The advantage of existing characters is they often come with a built-in fan base and can more readily be monetized in the social webs. ​

At the heart of the characters is a metaphysical layer built upon our models for bringing these characters to life, not just digitally but also in the essence of spirit, by mapping their personas to the human experience through a model we call the 7Arenas of Human Experience.

See, A 4D Character will grow exponentially throughout its lifetime upon the foundation you lay in its birth.  So to that end we have created a most unique process for birthing your character, but don't worry, it's totally painless and fast.  Just fill out the form below and upload a digital representation (image) of your character.  From there, we will activate your character and send you an email of your 4D Character's Fundamental Frequency/ Persona.

Please answer the 3 questions below by choosing a color for your answer. Enter the corresponding color into the space provided next to each questions as your answer.

Do NOT answer the questions with text, only provide us with the color code. Thank you.​

Your answers will come from an innate place, one that culminates all 7Arenas of your humanity. To try and force your mind to answer these questions would be to isolate only one of those 7Arenas, hence making the choice harder. It will not skew the results, rather it will only make the process more painful in your gut. You’ll see what I mean… so relax and choose the color that feels the most right as you proceed, not giving way to judgment or criticism at the conscious level. Don’t worry, whatever color you choose as you do this will be the right color as long as you are truthful with yourself as to which color your internal guidance system wants to choose. So, set back and relax as you read each question and answer each one with the color that feels the most right to you.

In the form below, you will answer 3 questions about your character with the colors above. Once you are finished with those questions, you will need to mix the 3 hexadecimal colors in the ColorHexa box below the form by typing the hex codes with a plus (+) sign in between each one (i.e.: ff00ff+445544+hh3322) and then click the "find" button. Then fill in the field labeled "Fundamental Frequency" with the sum of the three colors.

***Note: Please refer to the video at the top of the page for additional instructions.

This resulting color and hexadecimal number is your fundamental frequency, also known as your character's persona.